Geography, the Watershed and Virginia’s Indians

As we worked our way west across the state of Virginia during Inquiry this month, we learned that each geographic region has an effect on the lives of the humans, animals and plant life living in those regions. We learned that, most likely, if your occupation was in the fishing industry than you probably live in the Coastal Plain region. If, however, you are a farmer, you could live in just about any region of Virginia. It really depends on what your major crop happens to be. Apples are mostly found in the Valley and Ridge and Blue Ridge Mountain regions.
The phrase “We all live downstream” became an important part of our Inquiry. We talked about our local watershed, the Potomac Watershed, and we even did a “schoolyard” report card! Much fun was had while we worked on the Watershed Model that the City provided for our use! What does the phrase “We all live downstream” mean to you?

We go to Jamestown in two weeks! Whoa! Our first jump into history was last Thursday. We talked about how the first Americans made their way here to North and South America. I was very impressed that my students either knew or remembered about the “land bridge” and why these people came across the land bridge. Did you know that there were three major Indian languages spoken in Virginia? On the coast we have the Algonquian language, in the central part of the state we have the Siouan language and in the mountains we have the Iroquoian language. What we aren’t sure about is why is the Iroquoian language split? Most of the people who spoke this language are in the mountains of Virginia but a small group can be found on the fall line in south eastern Virginia.
We’ll continue talking and investigating the Indian’s of Virginia this week as well as start bringing the English into the picture!


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    I’m just saying that access is really cool. Anyway, Ms. Allan, Thanks for showing us Access!


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