Jamestown, Blogging and Read-Ins

Wow, I can’t believe that it is already November! We have finally arrived at our trip to Jamestown!
Two weeks before we left for Jamestown, the kids were put on a “Learn about the Algonquian Indians and the English Settlers” crash course!

I was very, VERY pleased with how my students behaved while on our tours of both the Old Jamestowne sight and the Jamestown Settlement.

We learned so much from our tour guide! I think it was also exciting for the kids to be at the actual place that was the first permanent English settlement in North America.

The kids are doing their own blogging! Our class has a class blog on kidblog.org. Each student has his or her own blog. Each week I am going to ask the students to not only write their own post but respond to another student’s post AND respond or comment to something that I’ve posted. If you haven’t already checked out the “kidblog” please ask your child to show you!

Tuesday, November 9 will be our first quarter Read-In! I forgot to send home a notice last week, your child will be informed about this on Monday, but if you see this post over the weekend, please let your child know about the Read-in on Tuesday! I’ll even let them wear their pajamas if they’d like to! I’ll even pack mine in my school bag!


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    Katie said,

    What is a read in? I really liked Jamestown. One question though, when I tried to put pics on my blog but it was kind of crazy. I can’t wait for a read in, whatever that is!


    • 2

      msallan said,

      A Read-In is an event that the fourth grade teachers have just about each quarter. We ask you all to bring in books to read and something to lay down on so that you are comfortable. This first read in will be happening from 9 to 10:45!
      I’ll show you how to put a picture on the blog, if you’d like me to.

  2. 4

    Devan said,

    Ms. Allan,

    Hi. I am trying to login to the kidsblog, but cannot remember the password. When I click on the forgot password thing, it asks for an email, and I don’t know which one they want. Could you help me please? Thank you.


    • 5

      msallan said,

      Hi Devan,
      When you go to our kidsblog, click on your name….You may have to click on “log-in” in the upper right hand corner. Your password is your last name, use a capital letter at the beginning of your last name.
      I hope this helps!

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