“Where We Are in Place and Time”

In the very near future (Monday) our class will be diving into a new Inquiry Unit called “Where We Are in Place and Time”.

We’ve already started talking about one of the main aspects of this unit, human migration, when we started talking about the American Indians of Virginia and how they got here and why they settled in three main regions in Virginia. We’ll soon review why the English came and how the Africans found themselves in Virginia. We will really explore the challenges of human migration as well as the impact human migration has, and did have, on our environment.

Question for the readers of this blog….
Who and why did you or your family (ancestors) end up in the Northern Virginia area?

For me, it was all my father’s fault! He was transferred from Kansas, where I was born, to Virginia, well to the Pentagon. So, in away my family was pulled to Virginia because of my father’s job.
The story of how my grandfather came from Scotland to New York City (via Virginia) is another story!


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  1. 1

    Katie said,

    My parents came to northern VA so my dad could go to law school.

    (Maybe my mom will say more to that.) I will have to see if I can find out why my ancestors came to the US.


  2. 3

    TAAP News said,

    I know my French relatives came over to avoid persecution. They were Huguenots and were driven out of France for their religious beliefs.

  3. 4

    Mrs.O said,

    I don’t know why, I only know when, approximately. I’ll pull out some documentation on it.

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