Flowers and Plants

What do you remember about plants and flowers? Well, if you were to ask your fourth grader, they will be able to tell you (hopefully) what plants need in order to survive. We have been talking about why plants have roots, stems and leaves. We’ve discussed the process of photosynthesis and we are currently talking about how plants reproduce! The notion of a flower having both a male and female part within itself was fascinating to some of us! One comment from a student was, “Everyone thinks flowers are girls but actually they are neither a girl OR a boy!”

On Monday we dissected a flower to get to the middle of all this “male and female” parts in one flower. Students discovered that female parts of a flower are called the pistil/style, stigma and ovary. While the male part of the flower is the stamen, anther and filament.
On Tuesday we reconstructed the flower with our own two hands, and some tissue paper, toothpicks, clay, yarn and a popsicle stick! Check them out! I think we did a fantastic job!

We’ll finish up the unit by talking about dormancy! And discuss our in class and at home plant and seed experiments!


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