Multiplication, Migration and Animal Research

We started the week off with a BANG! Yup, we are officially into “multiplication season” as one of my students said on Tuesday! Just about every day this week, we have been focusing on one or two parts of the multiplication table. We have found out that our least favorite part of the table is the 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s. So next week will be the week of 6,7, and 8! Math homework will be centered on those multiplication facts, students and teachers will be walking around chanting multiples of those numbers, we may even start wearing clothes decorated with those multiples! Okay, that may be a little crazy, but you never know what I may come up with!

Animals and Migration—–
Yes, they do go together! I was happy to hear that my students knew a lot about the migration of animals. We even talked about how migration and hibernation are related!
This week we started researching our Virginia animal! We are finding information about the habitats, threats, food, family life, etc. An added bonus to this research is our connection of Latin root words (and Latin words) to our animals! I tell you, I was doing the “teacher happy dance” when my students were showing me words they remember from Latin and words they suspected were Latin!
Our discussion about migration moved from animal migration to human migration! We ended our session on the reasons why large groups of people leave one country for another country. The idea of leaving one place for good reasons (better jobs, food, land, etc.) were eventually called the pull factors and the reasons that were not good or bad (war, flood, food shortage) were eventually called push factors . The last comment that was made, by a student, on these factors was, “War is bad, push me away from the bad, bad stuff. Opportunity to live and be happy is good, let me pull that good stuff into my life!”
We enjoyed talking about this concept of human migration. Reading stories about immigrants and looking at maps kept them all engaged!


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    Mrs.O said,

    Chanting is good! I still know kingdom, phylum, class, order, genus, species from 9th grade due to chanting!

    Thanks for these quick updates. I wondered if the migration would be of animals or people, and now I know!

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