Smithsonian American Art Museum

Today the class joined Mrs. Kelly’s class on a trip down to the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM). We were given a quick tour of the courtyard and then headed up to the Portrait Gallery were we discussed and analyzed a portrait of George Washington. Funny, I have looked at that very same portrait many times and this was the very first time I noticed the rainbow over his left shoulder AND the books under the table (not only were they under the table but they weren’t stacked up neatly)!
The tour we took was called Young America. We didn’t get to see a lot, nor did we get to do the scavenger hunt (boohoo) but we did learn a bit about what our country looked like in the earlier years!
We also manged to take a trip to the third floor and took a peek at this installation…not early America but very cool just the same!


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