The Colony Grows

Virginia is no longer known as the Jamestown Settlement but we are now called a Royal Colony! We also have neighbors! There are now 13 colonies in this New World! King George III is our ruler and the American Colonists are keeping their heads above water!
These past couple of weeks we learned that our enemies, the French, were settling in the land west of Virginia (Ohio River Valley). Well, we couldn’t have that! That land belonged to us! So, asked them to leave…..when they didn’t we went to war! The French and Indian War lasted 7 years. If it weren’t for our friend George Washington, we may not have won the war! King George III and Parliament started taxing the American Colonists because they needed the funds to pay for the war they helped us fight! I’ll bet you know what happens next! The colonists were ANGRY! Some Virginian started getting all the colonists riled up by speaking out against the King! Boycotts and protests and even some small skirmishes happened all around the colonies! Taxation without Representation was NOT going to be allowed!
Well, this week your children participated in a simulation about the Stamp Act. Ask them how they felt about giving up some “money” because they had “brown hair” or “a nametag on their desk” or, my favorite one, “wearing white”! Most of them were not happy at all!
So, we have set the stage for a revolution! The American Colonists are up in arms about the King….soon, after we share our colonial trades, we will talk about the “Voice”, the “Sword” and the “Pen” of the American Revolution.
Do you know who those people might be?


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