Who We Are

After a short break from posting on the blog, I’m back!
We have had an exciting two weeks in Room 300, aka ARFFLANTIS! We were all prepared to share our knowledge about how colonies in early American history met their economic needs when the heavy wet snow hit on a Wednesday afternoon. Many students shared their disappointment with me on our Kidblog. No worries! We picked up where we left off on the following school day! The trades people of colonial Allantown did a FABULOUS job! We had an indigo planter, silversmiths, an architect, homemakers, woodworkers, a cobbler and the ever important printer present their knowledge with third graders and parents!
We just started our new unit about “Who We Are”. During this planner/unit, we will be discovering how our Founding Fathers helped form our country. This planner will also bring about the different conflicts our country faced during those early periods of our history. Be on the look out for poems and stories written about and during this Revolutionary War era…..and later in the quarter there will be discussions and writing activities about how our country was torn apart.
In not so similar but closely related lessons, we are continuing to investigate the world of fractions during math class this month! This week we will be working on adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators. I guess you can say that the kids and I will be talking about how our country went from a whole country in the 1700s to being broken up (like fractions!) in the mid 1800s! Okay, so that is a stretch!
This is an exciting and busy time for fourth graders in my class. Each week the class will be required to do a bit of writing at home. Most of the weekly homework writing assignments will be quick, one paragraph activities. If you have not seen or heard about our Kidblog, please ask your child about it! This is another area in which we will be expressing our personal voice, on the kidblog and in the weekly paragraph activities. It is important that my students start building their writing skills.


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