After another 5 day school week, I am surprised that the kids still had energy left at 3:35 today!
This week we started talking about Energy, Force and Motion. We chatted about the different types of energy we can find in the world AND actually did some hands on experiments that showed both potential and kinetic energy. Many thoughts were shared about why certain things acted in certain ways, for example the softball didn’t bounce as much in the classroom as the rubber ball did. We had many theories on why this happened.
Next week we will be talking about Inertia and definitely experiment with speed as a measure of motion.
Writing next week will involve finishing our letter to a “relative in England” from the point of view of an American colonist living during the Revolutionary War.
In math we will continue our exploration into fractions. A quick recap of how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators is needed! We did REALLY well with these during class time but need to keep practicing working with them!
Please, encourage your child to keep practicing their multiplication charts. We may not be doing formal multiplication lessons right now but if they don’t know their facts, they really struggle with fractions!
Have a grand three day weekend!


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