Division…in math and social studies!

So today we started talking about what life was like after the American Revolution in our newly formed country called the United States of America. My students inferred that all was well with the economy and the New Americans were exploring their new country.
Talk went back to migration today as we discovered that Virginians were migrating both to the deep SOUTH and west in order to find better land to farm on. Moving over the mountains through the Cumberland Gap was the route most of my students would have taken if they were moving out of Virginia in the early 1800s! Our talk about migration quickly turned to a discussion about slavery. “If I were a slave owner and I moved to Kentucky, would I take my slaves with me?” was one question asked.
We’ll be starting our class discussions and explorations into the Civil War shortly. Division in social studies…..the division of our country….
In math we started talking about division. Quickly surmised that we need to go back to practicing our multiplication AND division facts! Long division is knocking on our door! Division in math!


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