ARFFlantis Newsletter Reappears!

Today is the last day of the third quarter. Wow, time sure did fly by!
In the ARFFlantis Newsletter, you will see a run down of just about EVERYTHING we accomplished this quarter! We have been working hard and learning a lot!
As we started talking about the Civil War and why this event occurred, we started to inquire about the other states that make up our country. We noticed how different the layout of the land looked back in the 1860’s. Because we’ve been learning SO much about Virginia, we decided that it would be a grand idea to learn more about the rest of the 50 states! The students of ARFFlantis took a week of writing time to research a state they chose to learn more about. They then took another week of writing time to create a PowerPoint presentation! Next week we will share all that we learned about 24 other states in the U.S. This mini-unit went nicely with the “Fifty-Nifty United States” song they sang at the Musical AND it went hand in hand with our Read Across America reading program!
Next week we will review the causes and major battles (in Virginia) of the Civil War. I know some students want to know more about other battles that didn’t take place in Virginia. I will happily bring in some resources for them to search through! If you and your child are interested in the Civil War and would like to attend camps or workshops, I’d be happy to point you in the right direction! For example, Fort Ward in Alexandria is a great place to visit with kids! Don’t forget Manassas National Battlefield (a short drive from my house) and our very own Historical Society of Falls Church (sometime in the spring we usually have a Civil War Day here in the city!). I could go on and on about the Civil War!


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