Support the Union or the Confederacy?

The Civil War and fourth graders….two of my favorite topics! Twice as nice when they are together!
After our investigation of Virginia and the Civil War, I always like to ask my students, “So, if you lived in Falls Church during this era, what would you have done? Would you have packed up your things and moved to Maryland or Pennsylvania and support the Union OR would you stay in Falls Church and support the Confederacy?” Many, if not most, would say they’d support the Union. They’d rather not leave Falls Church and would do everything they could to stay here and still support the Union. A few would sit and stew over this question for some time and if they were feeling brave, they would say they’d definitely stay in Falls Church and they’d support the Confederacy. Today one of my students said they would stay here in their hometown and support the Confederacy but they are totally against slavery. They would be like Gen. Robert. E. Lee.
I don’t think we could have had this type of discussion back in September. I have found, over the last three quarters, that the kids are definitely becoming those “life long learners” I was hoping they’d develop into!
Next week we will quickly go through Reconstruction, work on ordered pairs, area/perimeter and geometry AND we will start reading some new, fun, creative and wonderful books during Literature!
One more week of school before Spring Break!
We all need a little break!


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