Wow, what a year!

I am sure you may think I say this ever year but believe me when I say, ARFFlantis, my recent fourth graders, was one of the most fabulous group of kids I have worked with in a LONG time! This was a group of learners! They “gobbled” everything up! They taught me just as much as I tried to teach them! I want to say thank you to all my fourth graders and their wonderful parents. You have made the 2010-2011 school year so special! Please take a peek at the picture below and read the accompanying poem

A Poem for Parents
Dear Parents,
I’ve worked with your flower,
And helped it grow.
I’m returning it now,
But I want you to know..

This flower is precious,
As dear as can be.
Love it, take care of it,
And you will see…

A bright new bloom,
With every day.
It grew and blossomed
In such a wonderful way.

In September just a bud,
January a bloom.
Now a lovely blossom
I’m returning in June.

Remember, this flower,
As dear as can be,
Though rightfully yours,
Part will always belong to me.
-Author Unknown
Sentiments from Ms. Allan


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    Katie O. said,

    That is a really pretty poem.:-) See ya tomorrow, Miss Allan!

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