Jamestown Trip Information-Please Read

We’re going to Jamestown this Friday! I will be talking with your children about expectations and logistics for our trip. On Thursday, they will receive “Jamestown Homework” which includes a checklist of things they need to do in order to prepare for the trip. Please read over the following list of reminders and help your child to get ready for Friday. Thank you for all your help!

1. Your child needs a packed lunch and a packed snack, in two separate bags, each labeled with their name. When they come to school on Friday, they will drop off lunches in one box and snacks in the other. The snacks will be handed out on the way home from Jamestown. Pack a drink with each bag in a non-breakable container. Please pack lunches and snacks in paper or plastic and include only disposable items/utensils. This way, the kids can throw away their trash when done and not have to keep track of the regular lunch boxes, which get easily lost on field trips.
2. Your child may bring a backpack to store their things on the bus, but they will NOT be permitted to take the backpack off the bus during the tour. In the backpack, they may pack, if they like, a breakfast snack for the ride down (approximately 3 hours- 7:00-10:00am). At your own risk, you may allow your children to bring hand-held video games and iPods (or CD players) with headphones for the ride to and from Jamestown. Please label electronics clearly with your child’s name. Also for entertainment on the ride, your child may bring a book to read, travel games, or deck of regular playing cards. They may NOT bring gum, candy, trading cards, or toys.
3. At your own risk, your child may bring a camera that will fit in their pocket, small shoulder bag, or can be worn with a strap. It must be clearly labeled with their name. They will be allowed to carry this with them on our tour… But they need to have their hands free to participate in all activities. Once again, carrying backpacks or large bags is NOT allowed on the tour, so the camera will need to fit in a pocket or have a small bag or shoulder strap.
4. Please help your child choose a comfortable outfit with good shoes- comfortable and with good traction. We will be doing a LOT of walking on our tour. Also, please send them with layers of clothing. They should have a jacket to keep them warm, but also something they can take off if they are too hot.
5. Children should go to bed early and get lots of rest. Friday will be a LONG day.
6. Please bring your child to school at 6:45 am and come in through the back entrance (at TJ’s rear parking lot). Your child needs to check in with me when they get there. Be on time, as we absolutely cannot wait for anyone. The buses will leave by 7:00am. If your child misses the bus, they are still required to attend school Friday. Have them check in at the office.
7. Please pick up your child at 6:30 pm at the FRONT of the school(Oak St. entrance). We will not let kids off the bus until we see you or a designated adult come to the bus to ask for your child.

If you are planning on joining us on the trip, I will be sending you a separate email with a detailed itinerary that will help you find us once you arrive.

Again thanks for your help! The kids are so excited, and I know they will have a wonderful experience!! As we’ve been saying in my class, thanks for acting as stockholders of the Virginia Company of London, and making it possible for them to make their voyage to the Jamestown settlement! If you’re not sure what that means, ask your child… they’re experts!

Ms. Allan


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