A Change in Class Procedures

Hello Parents!

I’m writing to inform you of a new behavior “system” we are implementing in our classroom.
Why new behaviors plan?
We have such an energetic, smart, funny, and fun-loving class– a class that enjoys each other’s company tremendously. Unfortunately, silliness and socializing are getting in the way of us accomplishing our learning in a timely manner.

These are the reoccurring problems in our classroom:
(1) calling out, not raising hands, talking when others are talking
(2) socializing with friends rather than doing assignments
(3) playing with hidden toys inside of desk
(4) excessive silliness that disrupts lessons or group projects

How the new plan works:
– Each student has a pocket with 5 cards in it, going from blue, to green, to yellow, to orange and finally to red. These pockets are on a bulletin board.
– Every student starts out the day with a blue card, which stands for EXCLELLENT! You’re doing a great job– Keep up the good work! Many students will remain on blue all day.
– When students choose inappropriate behaviors (not trying, being disrespectful), they are asked to acknowledge their responsibility by flipping their card on our behavior bulletin board.
– There are only 2 ways to get in trouble: (1) to not try and (2) to be unkind and/or disrespectful.
– Green=good: Just a warning. It’s OK to make a mistake. Do your best to turn the situation around so you can flip back.
– To earn a flipback, students should show kindness and respect and/or demonstrate that they are serious about their work.
– Yellow = caution: Warning #2. Work extra hard towards a flipback. Fill out a behavior slip, lose recess for one day and pay $2 tiger buck fine.
– Orange=danger: Parents are contacted, student fills out a behavior slip, lose one day of recess and pays a $5 tiger buck fine.
– Red=unacceptable: Visit to the office, parents will be contacted by phone, lose recess for two days and pay a $10 tiger buck fine.
– At the end of each day, the students will record the color they are on in their agenda. Students who have filled out a behavior slip must take it home and have a parent or guardian sign it. The slip must be returned the next day. This should provide a record of the students’ work habits and conduct over time. Students who are consistently being respectful and on task will have evidence of their hard work. Students who are struggling with attention and work habits can become more self-aware of how they are doing over time by studying their behavior color pattern… Moreover, parents and teachers can offer consequences for poor performance and incentives or compliments for improvement.

I am hopeful that this behavior system will help get us on track… And I greatly appreciate your support with helping students to be focused on learning.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions…
Lisa Allan


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