Colonial Virginia, geometry and health

Hello everyone!
What a busy week we will be having this week!

The class has been working on our newest research project Colonial trades and economy. Most, if not all, our research is complete. We are now in the “creating informational and educational” visual aides for our Colonial Day (our living history museum which will be open on January 26th). Information about all aspects of this project went home in Friday folders on January 6th. If you need more information, or didn’t get the original papers, please email me and I’ll send you another copy!

This week we will be reviewing 3rd grade geometry terminology and diving into fourth grade concepts! Today we talked about the works of mc escher! Today the kids cut out an original polygon and used that polygon to translate, rotate and reflect on a piece of construction paper. The rest of the week we will be talking about polygons, lines, a few angles, etc. I can see this creative class really getting into geometry this week!

Health started today with Ms. Huber. We will have health on the following days at 10:00: January 9th, January 13th, January 20th and February 2nd.

Benchmark tests coming up! Our math benchmark test (which will cover multiplication, division, geometry and basic fractions) will be on Friday, January 20th. Our reading benchmark test (which will cover author’s purpose, supporting details in fictions, inferences in nonfiction and summarizing) will be on Monday, January 23rd.

A busy, busy week but I know we can pull it off!


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