Hurricane Sandy and the perfect storm

It seems that the last couple of times my class (and the rest of the fourth grade) has something special planned for the classroom Mother Nature forces us to show how flexible we can be! Last year, or the year before, we  had to rearrange our Valentine Party because of a snow storm that actually kept us home. A few years before that we had to reschedule a field trip to Mt. Vernon, again because of snow! This year Sandy came to shore….a little too early to go “trick or treating” Sandy girl! 

A couple things I need to share with you:

1. We will be doing pumpkin math tomorrow. Anyone who brings in a pumpkin, that is! 

2. Fall Festival party will be on Friday.

3. Thursday we will have a guest speaker talking to us about Jamestown, kind of a preview before we get to that part of history in our class discussions.

4. Hurricane Sandy offered us a great “teachable moment” (we talk about hurricanes and erosion in fourth grade). Please talk to your child about these two things…how hurricanes start up and what effect they have on our land. Show your child the picture below of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Stay dry, I hope you all had your electricity throughout the storm!


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