New Year brings new learning

At this time each year all of us reflect on the year we just completed, or almost completed (since it is only the end of December and the current year has not been completely finished) and we make adjustments for the year to come. It may be eating healthier or getting more exercise in our routines, but do many of us think about the new things we can learn in this new year? I do! At least I try to! This year I hope to learn more about the computer world, instructional technology to be exact. FCCPS has given their students and teachers new Macs to use and I’m finding I have a LOT to learn about these tools. I’m also looking forward to teaching my students some new things in the new year. More methods in math, continuing our exploration in Virginia History, science lessons in space, weather and force and motion. We will even be learning how to express ourselves in writing….poetry and expository writing.

What new things will YOU be learning this year?

Happy New Year!


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