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So far we have “Shared the Planet” and we have investigated “Where we are in place and time”, now we will be exploring “How We Organize Ourselves”.  This unit focuses on the colonial period during American History (Virginia to be exact) but we also focus on how other communities also organize themselves.

A rather exciting and large investigation culminates with the fourth grade Colonial Day. Our class just started doing research on colonial trades and crafts. We will continue research on Monday and Tuesday of next week. During our writing workshop periods, we will organize our research into oral presentations and create our research visuals (poster) for the big day. The areas of research include, what the tradesmen produced, how he produced it, who needed his services, what other trades people did he work with to create his products or conduct his service and other interesting facts that may help us understand this trade or craft better.

From colonial day, we will discuss the change our country went through during this colonial period, we will end this unit with the American Revolution and compare this war to other revolutions that have occurred around the world.

We can’t forget about the science part of How We Organize Ourselves! In science, we will finish our living systems unit and move into the Space unit. We will talk about how the universe is organized and explore the planets a bit more!

For a quick look at colonial trades, clothing, etc. you may check out Williamsburg’s website:



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